Is IVF procedure painful


Is IVF procedure painful?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process that gives hope to the couples who haven’t successfully had kids with natural methods due to certain complications. This process requires about two weeks of your life, each time you have it. But, a lot of IVF patients that you might meet will tell you their strong apprehensions about the success rate of the procedure. Along with this, women often wonder about how painful is the process really is.

Honestly, any IVF clinic in Mumbai will answer that the process majorly involves medication to stimulate ovulation, egg retrieval and fertilization and finally the embryo transfer. As guessed, these steps are natural to cause some discomfort and pain. But, again, everyone reacts differently to needles, ultrasound and vaginal cathedrals so estimating the amount of pain caused during IVF procedure isn’t possible.

Apart from that, remember that even if the surgery goes by successfully, you still have to go through those nine months and labor pain. So, underestimating oneself just because of the pain is not a right approach towards it because IVF pain is far less relatively.

But, to address your apprehension and answer your question, here’s a breakdown of how much of pain can be expected in each step of IVF process

  • Medication for fertility

To begin with, in every IVF process doctors will prescribe certain fertility medications. Some of these medications will be required to be administered as a shot in lower abdomen. Patients will fell some discomfort as the injection is administered. But, understandably the level of this pain will depend on how patient reacts to needles and shots.

Apart from the shots, some of the medications may induce period-like cramping so patient has to be ready for that type of discomfort.

  • Egg retrieval

Now, here comes the step that most patients are scared of. This step involves extracting the developed eggs from the ovaries.

Usually, an ultrasound probe is inserted in the vaginal canal. This device has a needle attached to it that aspirates the fluid and egg follicles from the ovaries.

Of course, the process sounds hectic and troublesome but patients are generally given anesthesia so that they do not feel any pain during the egg retrieval process. But, cramping and slight pain will remain for a day or two after the procedure is over.

  • Fertilization

Time to be happy! Now sperm and the egg have gotten busy and you are required to simply lie down comfortably as this part of process is totally painless.

This is one step that does not include you but happens on its own so no surprises here. But make sure that you regulate all your bodily advancements even at this stage. A slightest chance of anything awkward and unexpected has to be reported to your surgeon on an immediate basis.

  • Embryo transfer

This is the process where healthy embryos that have developed are placed in the uterus. This step might sound immense but this is just like an ultrasound appointment and much less invasive than egg retrieval.

One or more embryos are transferred in the uterus using ultrasound guidance and an embryo catheter. In fact, best IVF centre in Mumbai will even let you see the whole procedure on an ultrasound screen.

Though this process is not at all painful but some of the patients are given sedatives to relax their cervix. Once the process is over, patients may continue to feel slight abdominal cramping for a day or two.

  • Dealing with discomfort

It is natural for patients to feel nervous and experience certain degree of pain and discomfort during in-vitro fertilization. Patients will also face certain side effects including abdominal cramping and bodily discomfort. One may go for various medicines to relax their pain or use heating pads for severe cramping.

So, pain during IVF is natural considering that it is a surgery but every single ounce of pain is definitely worth it as it enhances the chances of you having your biggest blessing; child. So, do not be discouraged to go for it just because of a slight pain. Instead, calm your mind, strengthen your spirit and get in touch with the nearest IVF surgeon as soon as possible.

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