Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) To Overcome The Infertility


We meet a lot of couples these days who are facing difficulty in conceiving, almost 1 in 6 couples are facing this problem. Many of the issues could be like the woman is having polycystic ovaries where she is not able to ovulate on time or the man is not able to produce adequate number or good motility of sperm or there are other issues like endometriosis, or baseline investigation not revealing any cause for infertility, in such situation, the treatment that usually we offer as the first step is intrauterine insemination.

What we do here is we ensure that the woman is producing some eggs by giving her some medication or even without them.
We do monitoring of follicle by serial sonography. When the egg is ready, at that time, we take husband’s semen sample in the laboratory.
We separate the best quality sperm from it and we push a highly concentrated solution of motile spermatozoa inside the uterine cavity of the woman, so it is in a way assisting the natural processes a little bit, so that highly motile sperm is able to reach the egg and produce fertilization and may result in pregnancy.

This procedure is very simple. It’s an OPD procedure where you do not require any admissions and you may resume your normal routine activities immediately after the procedure. In about 2 weeks’ time from the procedure, you get to know the results.
It constitutes the logical first step only because it’s a simple procedure with minimal side effects. Of course, there are certain problems like bilateral tubal blockages or sperm having severe issues which have to be addressed by other assisted treatments.

Dr. Rita Modi – Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

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