Important Benefits and Risks of Laser Eye Surgery


Important Benefits and Risks of Laser Eye Surgery

Blindness, removal of the eyes, etc. were a thing of the past. As science and technology have begun to rise and the development of newer and greater technology comes into power. Surgery and other kinds of medical operations become more and more advanced in several ways possible. Thus, at the end of the day, people need not worry about anything that was to happen to them. Hence in the 21st century, there are several different types of precautions or cures that one could say in order to suffice and also give in to the care that one might give to their eyes. If anything were to go wrong, we all know that there are surgeries and operations that are done which can save the eye and save our vision as well. Hence in the world of surgeries, there several different kinds done on a day to day basis were depending on the severity of the damage done to your eye, the particular kind of operation is done. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss different types of benefits or risks in getting laser eye surgery done which one can analyze and also consider as to why they want to get it done.

The main agenda about laser eyes surgery is to give a close to a permanent solution to the people in order to help them not use any third-party objects to help them improve their vision altogether. Hence these surgeries are very intricate and also very delicate when it comes down how they might be performed and what goes into them. In the entire process of laser eye surgery, the surgery helps in reshaping the cornea of your eye. The cornea is nothing but the dome-shaped object placed right in front of your eye which is responsible for your vision. If this is corrected then almost all of your eye problems are corrected as well. Hence when this surgery is done almost all of the problems are gone and after this, the patient need not wear any sort of contact lenses or glasses or any other kind of object that might help in vision. But it’s not for all as the entire operation is very expensive and if you have the money to get your vision corrected permanently, then go for it or else glasses are the way to go for it. But mainly this surgery is only to correct the vision which is impaired for long sightedness and short-sightedness. Instead of cutting through the eye, the laser is a more invasive way to get the things done and also not spread the damage as well.

But then with every surgery there comes some sort of risks and benefits as well which one has to consider and also overcome whenever they are getting it done. So, have a brief discussion with the surgeon and consider all options before taking up the surgery. Hence let’s take a deeper dive into the realm of laser eye surgery and see the different types and the benefits and the risks and everything that revolves around the topic. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking.

Different Types of Laser Eye Surgeries

Based on the severity of your eye and the kind of damage that you might have got, the doctor or your ophthalmologist might recommend some of the famous surgeries or the different types of surgeries that you might have to undergo. Some of which are given below.

  1. LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis)

This type of eye surgery is the most common eye surgery done almost all across the world. For any sort of slight or delicate damage to the eye, your doctor will definitely recommend you this operation. It is mainly used to correct the long and short-sightedness problems that a person might be facing. Hence in this operation, a tiny little flap is made underneath the cornea such that it helps in better vision and given more information to the optic nerves and enabling the person to have a sharper vision altogether.

  1. PRK (photorefractive keratectomy)

Well in this sort of surgery, it is primarily prescribed for the people who have suffered very less amount of injuries to the eye. Someone who has not that invasive injuries but can be corrected with a little bit of treatment from the laser. Hence in the entire operation, you can witness the surgeon operating on your eye to correct the damaged part of your cornea without even having to make any sort of flap underneath the cornea.

  1. Wave front-guided LASIK

Well, the entire process of the wave front is a step better than LASIK as it provides a whole lot better precision and also enhances the chances of the eye having a permanent change for better vision. The entire procedure has one main or primary goal and that is to improve or eliminate any sort of natural irregularities of the eye and to correct it and get rid of them.

  1. LASEK (laser epithelial keratomileusis)

The entire procedure of LASEK is similar to that of PRK as the epithelium layer of the eye is kept in order for it to act as a flap for the cornea and not cutting any of it underneath. Somewhat similar but gets the same results and also giving a much greater chance of correcting the overall problems of the eye if it has any sort of damage.

Why Is It Done?

Several people across the world have different answers as to why one would want to get the surgery done. Yes, even till date surgery has a 50-50 chance of getting the problem out of the body or making the problem worse than what it initially was. Hence several people have their own take on why they would want to get any sort of surgery done to their eye. Well, there are a few reasons as to why they would want to get it. Some of which are given below. Take a look.

  • Convenience – well the state of the convenience of many is a pain in the ass to go through several stages of even having to put on something for vision. But for many to get rid of this problem is one of the main reasons for getting the surgery done. Primarily to even have contact lenses on at all times and have to clean them on a regular basis can pose a greater inconvenience problem to people and also to have glasses and clean them on a regular basis and prevent them from getting dirt and scuffs can also result in an individual getting the surgery done to just have a clear vision without the aid of glasses or lenses throughout their lives.
  • Sports – when you undergo some intense physical activity that results in the mixing of sweat and eyes, it sure can be a burden when you have to wipe or clean the glasses that can result in you have a great amount of discomfort as well. But then if not for glasses, there are contacts that can do the job for you. But then even in this case, it might cause some amount of discomfort or irritation that leads to a person not being able to focus 100% on the game or while working out in the gym. Hence for the convenience of the game, and to have a proper interaction with the game, laser surgery sure can make a huge difference to the game that one sports.
  • Swimming – if you are pro swimmer then you very well are aware of how one has to keep their clean of any sort of germs or dirt in order to see what’s happening underwater. Well even if you wear any sort of contact lenses, then it can be a deadly combination of causing some sort of eye infection which may result in partial or total blindness. Even in the summer if anyone might be looking to cool off in the pool and just have chill time, having glasses and also being with contacts can be a pain. Hence laser surgery is the way out of this misery if you want to experience a normal way to just peace out and have fun in the water.
  • Building a career – well if you are looking to build your career around a profession that requires a whole lot of eye games and requires your eyes to be 100% perfect, then getting a laser surgery goes a long way in just making it better in several ways possible. Professions like pilots, professional chefs and even sportspersons need to have their eyes on par that gives a whole lot importance in having that keen eye to detect as to what happened when. Hence laser surgery sure can make or break your career if you looking to build any in any of these professions.
  • Cost factor – yes, you might be wondering as to why this is a part of why people might have it done, but then in the long run if you see the bills or compare the cost of the surgery and the amount of money you might spend behind a pair of glasses and contact lenses, then you might be shocked seeing both of them on par with each other. But then with the surgery, your vision becomes equally good as when you were wearing glasses, but then with glasses without them, your vision is blurred. Hence a permanent solution is far better than having a temporary one.
  • Issues in contact lenses – in today’s generation having a steady hand and trying to put contact lenses right inside your eye where you have to have a clean hand and a steady one to in order to put them is a tough task and spending almost half an hour behind them can be really difficult. Especially if you are someone who is one a time constraint and every second count. Then it’s necessary for you to get a laser eye surgery done and rectify the error to just eradicate the problem away from your life.
  • Sleeping – this is a whole new world of problems where you might have to face numerous errors while you even want that 5 mins of a break. If you are wearing contacts, then it’s a universe full of problems if you ever want to sleep. Cause sleeping with contacts is never possible and have the fear of them going behind your eyes if you ever sleep. And sleeping with glasses can pose the problem of you breaking them and having to buy new ones. So, laser surgery can rectify these problems and give you a pain-free life.
  • Looks and appearance – well this comes down to personal opinion or preference. You might never know as to who might look good or bad while wearing glasses or contacts. It’s up to an individual to decide whether they want to get rid of the glasses or have them. Some might look good while others might not look that great. So, this surgery can rectify the problem and give you the look that you always desired to the sport.

How Is the Entire Procedure Carried Out?

Well, the entire procedure is kind of painless and the patient might not even feel the pain of what is happening. Yes, seeing a needle go through your eyes is really scary, but then it is only to put some form of medication in order to help the eyes to relax and not swell up during the entire procedure. Thus, if you want to know as to how the entire procedure is done, then take a look at the steps given below which will guide you through the entire process of laser surgery and how it is done. Take a look.

  1. The first and foremost step in any surgery is to provide anesthesia. This might be local or general anesthesia depending upon the intensity of the surgery. But for this operation, there are anesthesia drops that numbs up the eye which eradicates any sort of pain or discomfort that the patient can feel during the surgery. Once the eye is numb, an instrument called a speculum is used to hold the eyelids back and keep the eye open all through the surgical process.
  2. After this, a scalpel is taken and an incision is made on the cornea to expose it. Basically, this is the process of the creation of a flap on the cornea.
  3. Well after exposing the cornea, the laser is then bought into the cornea and with a precision-guided mechanism, the laser is used to correct any of the problems in the cornea. If the individual is suffering from long sightedness, then the cornea is made a bit steeper. If it is short-sightedness, then the cornea is made a bit flatter. If the individual is facing from astigmatism, then the cornea is made a bit rounder. After all the corrections are made, the cornea is the sealed and the flap is placed back in the cornea.
  4. After everything is done, then a small bandage specialized for the eyeball is then placed. But this depends upon the type of laser surgery the individual has undergone. For different patients, there are different types of aftercare given. Some are given contact lenses to protect the eyeball while some are given glasses to keep everything protected after the surgery for their traveling.
  5. Also, in the recovery period, the patient will be given eye drops and also some other form of medication that will result in the eye recovering from the surgery and functioning normally for the rest of their lives.

How Effective Is the Entire Procedure?

Well if you take a look at any of the surgeries that are done to the human body, then you could say that in the past 10-15 year, ever surgery has been revamped into making them much safer but yet quite simple to make it better and more cost-effective. The same approach has been given to laser eye surgery where the surgery has become a whole lot more less painful and the overall cost of it also has reduced. The recovery time is short and the surgery has proven to be much more effective over a wide range of problems of the human eye. But with most of the surgeries that are being done to the eye have proven to be safer and less invasive, the rates have gone up high and a number of people are getting it done to find a permanent solution to whatever the underlying cause of the eye to get it removed and live a problem-free life.

Benefits of Getting Laser Eye Surgery Done?

The whole point of getting this surgery done is to improve your overall vision and also not have any other problems in the eye. Hence there are several benefits to the eye that can actually prove to be useful in day to day life. Some of which are given below. Take a look.

  • After the surgery is done, the chances of the individual of seeing better have drastically improved. There are a whole lot better chances of the personal vision improving when compared to the person who was wearing contacts or glasses during the same period of time. Hence laser eye surgery makes things better over a period of time and rectifies all the problems as the days go by.
  • The surgery has also been proven to improve the night vision capability of a person. As whatever the reason might be, studies have shown that an individual is able to see 40% more than a normal person who might be wearing glasses. Thus, improving the night seeing the capability of the person over the years. Will it seem like this right after the surgery? It develops over time and needs at least 1-2 years to actually get this kind of vision.
  • Even the risk of having any sort of eye infection was reduced. As there was a recent study that was taken where it was shown that people with glasses and contact lenses were prone to eye infections but then for the people who had surgery done to their eyes, has no signs of any sort of infections over the same period of time. Hence it was proven that these people had a better long-term eye health even after an operation was done.
  • Also, like other surgeries, this surgery is different. Within a day you are given your release papers right from surgery to recovery. Everything happens in 24 hours. Also, you will start to see better even before you leave the hospital.
  • But then the main benefit is that the results of the surgery are immediate and doesn’t take any time to show the results. They are extremely rewarding and you get the desired vision at the given point in time. As the days go by, the vision keeps improving and you don’t even need your glasses or contacts to even see now. After 34 years of the surgery, your vision remains the same. But yes, if you start to age and well over 55-60 years old, your vision might get affected because of natural causes.

What Are the Side Effects of The Surgery?

Well if you take a look at the success of the surgery, then the only side effect that you might witness is the success rate of the people having their eyesight back. Mainly because of the precision and care that the surgery is done with. Other than this there are some of the side effects were people might have complained. Some which include dryness of the eye, night-halos, sensitivity towards light etc. after a few weeks of the surgery being done. But then other than this, there aren’t any of the problems were people might have incurred. Well yes other than the bid bill that you might get after the surgery, other than this everything is all good and nothing seems to be the problem.

Risk of Getting Laser Surgery Done?

Well, now that we have seen the overall benefits and everything there is to know about laser eye surgery, there is a certain risk that one might need to keep in mind before they might get ready for the surgery. They are quite necessary to be understood and need to be kept in mind. Some of the risks are given below. Take a look.

  • You might start seeing visual imperfections – what this means to say is that even though your initial problem might be rectified, there might some other problem that starts to come out. Some of which can include night halos (where you see some light rings around any of the glowing objects in the night time), starburst (a type of eye deformity where the person tends to see bursts of light during the daytime whenever they look at any sort of glowing object) and double vision which is self-explanatory. But then any of these kinds of imperfection are caused in the people who have large pupils and also for the people who have undergone the surgery and are seeing light under dim conditions of the day or night.
  • Your normal vision might be overcorrected or under corrected – well this is a common issue with this surgery. Where a person might have 20/20 vision from both the eyes. Any sort of mishaps during the surgery might result in the person having another problem with blurred vision or double vision. At a time, long-sightedness can turn into short-sightedness and the cornea can also get damaged if there isn’t any precaution taken to prevent this sort of errors. But then all of these errors can be rectified with another round of operations free of cost if and only is your cornea can withstand the operation once again and if it is thick enough.
  • Infection is on a greater take – there is complication where the eye has been affected. But that might because of the doctor’s negligence of getting the operation done right. But then the chances of anyone getting any sort of eye infection is really less and if you in a case to get any sort of infection. Then there are medications and antibiotics that can help the infection to go away. But in very rare cases it might tend to happen. So, there is nothing there to worry about.
  • After the surgery you might suffer from chronic eyes or red eyes – well this type of problem might be permanent to many of the people who have undergone the laser surgery. To most go the people the dryness of the eye and the redness remains permanent and they start to tear. It may remain throughout the rest of their lives but be leaving you with proper vision. There is nothing there to correct this form of deformity. Other than this the redness and the dryness for few patients might disappear after some point of time. So, it depends on how well the surgery goes and what is the initial outcome of it as well.
  • You might get corneal ectasia – it is not common for a person to suffer from such a harmful thing. But then less than 0.2% of the total people who have undergone laser eye surgery tend to suffer from this problem. It is a situation where the cornea is removed in excess which results in the slight bulging and thinning of the corneas which later results in the partial or total blindness of the eye. It can be corrected but then you might receive a fake cornea or contact lenses which are thick enough to act as the cornea. But then if you are totally blind then this might result in cornea transplant as well. But this is only for the people who are suffering from extreme ectasia.
  • Aftercare becomes really difficult – after the surgery, you might feel a whole lot of itching and despair and the urge to just scratch your eye. Because of which certain medications can only bring about some amount relief other than that it’s a long journey of agony and pain. Hence you might have to wait for days before the itching goes away or be under medication and be blind for a certain number of hours of the day before everything becomes like how it was before.
  • The overall cost of the surgery – the aim reason why it comes under risk is that it generally costs 4 -5 lakh rupees in order to get the surgery done. Also, you have no idea is to what kind of medication you have to be under and if the operation goes successfully then only the cost mentioned above comes underplay. Other than that, you might pay more to get the surgery done. So, it paves a potential risk as to how anyone might want to get the surgery done in their own hard-earned money. Also, with additional surgery comes additional cost where your life insurance people might not let you claim the money as well. So, think twice before you get the surgery done.

Hence, in the end, it comes down to personal preferences as to whether or not they might want to get the surgery done. Someone might want to get the surgery done whereas someone might lie the glasses that they might have to wear to see properly. All of this is a view from a personal point. Therefore, if you are someone you want to save the time and money of getting something that can give you a permanent solution to all your eye problems then go for the surgery and save lots of your day to day precious time. But then if you want to just save all the money and not invest it into your eyes and are happy with your glasses then there are far better ways of actually saving your eyes for a temporary solution. So, choose the right kind of treatment can be beneficial throughout your life. All the best.

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