Importance Of Diet During Pregnancy & Lactation


Whenever a female get pregnant, everybody is happy.  It’s actually a new birth for the female, but weight is something which is very important.  Whenever a pregnant female or a patient who is going to get pregnant comes to me, I first tell her that we have to deal with a particular weight target.  Earlier, whenever a patient or a person used to be pregnant, our main motive was to feed her and make her a huge structure though the baby’s weight used to be less but the mother’s weight used to be very heavy.  At the same time, the pregnant female used to be low with her Hbs that is hemoglobin, at the same time, her calcium levels as well because the traditional method of feeding for pregnant female used to be only fat and sugars.

We deal with proper planning of pregnancy diets.  Pregnancy diets are planned according to their trimesters.  The calorie requirement of every pregnant female is calculated according to her trimester and a target weight is recommended for that trimester.  The total weight gain depends upon the pre-pregnancy weight, is also considered.  Apart from that, calcium and iron, and that too the timings of calcium and iron are taken into consideration because calcium and iron if taken together results into lack of absorption, hence which doesn’t results into absorption of calcium and iron which is required for the baby.  At the same time, proper supplementation of folic acid along with food is also considered.

When we talk about lactation, in Currae Gynaec, we counsel the lactating mothers with respect to diet.  Lactation is a period where a mother has to feed the child for 6 months complete breast milk, so the flow of breast milk should be proper.  When we talk about breast milk, we come across various kind of traditional recipes, methi ka ladoo, haleem ka ladoo, but we forget that the water is main constituent for breast milk.  If a female is having less amount of water then the milk production will be reduced.

Apart from the feeding techniques or apart from the dietary habits, which need to be taken care during lactation, we also train our lactating mothers how to feed the child.  The importance of feeding from the both the breast is also important.  How and when, where, and various questions with respect to lactation are also solved during the counseling sessions.

– Shamika Desai (Chief Dietician, Currae Hospital, Thane)

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