How to Take Care in First Month of New Motherhood – Maternal, Newborn & Child Health Tips


Congratulations to all the new mother’s that you have made it up to 9 months of pregnancy, few hours of labour and probably surgery, and now you are back home with this wonderful and precious bundle of joy that is your new born baby.  After coming home, you might feel little lost or confused as regarding how to take care of this new born baby. So here I am today to give you some tips and tricks about how to survive new early one month’s motherhood.

Initially, first of all, you have to take care of your own diet because you will be feeding the baby round the clock. The breast milk output will totally depend on kind of diet that you are going to take, so your diet should be rich in fluids, rich in calcium, rich in vitamin D, lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits.  You should take additional supplements of calcium and vitamin D, as prescribed by doctors.

When you want to manage your baby, you should be planning everything quite ahead in time, this is especially I am telling for the working women who are going to start working probably after 3-4 months after delivery.  So keep all your supplies ready like nappies, formula feeds if at all you are going to give formula feeds to your baby. Take help of other people as much as possible, you can involve your husband and rest of the family in taking care of the baby, including changing nappies, taking care of the baby, making baby sleep, in everything.

Don’t expect yourself and baby to be perfect all the time, which is not possible. You have to give some time for yourself and baby to adjust to the rhythm of breastfeeding, sleep and wake pattern, and baby’s daily needs.  Initially, baby may sleep only during daytime which is your actually working time and baby may keep awake in the night that will take toll on your sleep. So what you have to do is sleep whenever baby sleeps, you have to adjust your sleep rhythm with baby sleep and rest of the time keep yourself alert and enthusiastic to take care of the baby whenever baby is awake.

Feeding should be done on demand whenever baby needs the feed, feed should be given; it should never be a clock feeding.  Whenever you are delegating the responsibilities to your husband or rest of the family people, don’t expect the perfect thing again.  See there might be many other ways of doing one particular thing, so your way is not the right way always, don’t criticize the people who are going to help you.  Always take help of medications that are prescribed by doctor to you.

And the last thing, always be careful about some early signs of postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is a known medical problem; it doesn’t mean that you are a bad mother. There is treatment available to treat this problem. You may have initial signs of early tiredness, tearfulness, sadness, losing interest in baby. If you feel you are having any such kind of sign, please take help of your doctor. This can be treated and you will be able to enjoy as a woman and as a mother much more than if you don’t take treatment.  Also, in this one month, you should take care about your future contraception before you start your sexual active life again. For that you will need your doctor’s help regarding the planning of contraception.

Enjoy your motherhood, it is probably the most awaited thing that you awaited for these 9 months.  Don’t criticize, don’t complain, you have to adjust to the baby’s needs, and enjoying the motherhood is the most beautiful part of your life.

Blues of Early motherhood.
– Dr. Swarupa Iyer

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