How Low Is Too Low When It Comes to AMH?


How Low Is Too Low When It Comes to AMH?

AHM is the abbreviation for Anti-Müllerian Hormone. Anti-Müllerian Hormone is a hormone which is produced by growing follicles in the ovaries of a female. Follicles are the egg sacs and contain immature eggs. Unlike males, females are born with a sufficient number of eggs for their lifetime. Men produce sperm continuously throughout their life. AMH level in your body can be measured with a blood test. With the help of this AMH test, you can get an idea of how many eggs are left in the ovaries and the status of your ovarian reserve. Generally, the level of AMH decreases as you age. This happens because a number of eggs are used over the time and the ovarian reserve is depleted and when women reach the age of forty, the level of AMH frequently decreases. If the level of AMH is above 1.5 ng/ml, it is considered satisfactory. To make the more accurate assessment, age and other circumstances have to be taken into account. If your AMH level is low, there are treatments available for you. The test can help determine your AMH level and help you determine you need any treatment for it or not and if you need, how urgently it is needed. It will also help you determine how you may respond to the treatment. AMH testing is an integral part of the modern fertility tests. AMH testing started in 1990. It was found in a research that in women undergoing IVF, there is a relation between the number of eggs regained after ovarian stimulation and AMH levels.

Your AMH levels can also be affected by your lifestyle and your menstrual cycle situation. Some new research also suggesting an update in the AMH test interpretation. Also, one AMH test cannot decide your fertility status. It is possible that women with low AMH level have reduced number of eggs but the quality is good and they can get pregnant and have a healthy delivery. So AMH test alone can not determine your candidature for IVF.

As stated above AMH levels between 1.5 to 4.0 ng/ml is considered normal. It means you have increased fertility rate or better response rates to different fertility treatments.

If your AMH level is between 1.0 to 1.5 ng/ml; though you have a lower level of AHM and decreased ovarian reserve, there are chances for good pregnancy results.

AMH levels below .5 ng/ml are considered very low and indicate diminished ovarian reserve which can create fertility concerns.

Level of AMH is controlled by gonadotropin hormone. AMH level is highest when the size of the follicle is less than 4 mm, i.e., during the early stages of follicle development. As a follicle grows and becomes larger, AMH production slows down or stops. According to some research, when follicles reach 8mm, there is almost zero AMH production.

There can be many reasons for low AMH levels and aging is the primary cause. Another reason is early ovarian aging. The causes of early ovarian aging include stress, low circulation to the ovaries, poor food choices, hormonal imbalance, injury, illness, autoimmune disorders, genetic factors, and even lifestyle can affect your AMH levels and ovarian function. If you are a heavy smoker and smoke 20 or more cigarettes per day, it can result in low AMH levels and early menopause.

Even if you expose yourself to sources of environmental smoke, artificial fire logs, burning wood, etc. it can also lower the AMH levels. Medical treatments such as chemotherapy can also lower your AMH level and drop ovarian reserve significantly. You should ask your doctor about available fertility saving options if you have cancer.

Low AMH levels in women of age 35 and under can result in early menopause. You can go for medical help in this case and preserve and enhance your fertility.

Increased AMH levels to increase the chances of breast cancer in premenopausal women. High levels of AMh is also not good. If you have AMH level over 4 ng/ml, it can be a can also be a sign of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, women have several small follicles called as cysts and that is why they have a high level of AMH.

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