What is High Risk Pregnancy? it’s Risk factors & Prevention’s


It is rightly said that every pregnancy is a precious pregnancy and it’s a wonderful part of the woman’s life, but because of some problems, pregnancy can become complicated and that’s why it is important to divide every pregnancy between a low-risk pregnancy and high-risk pregnancy.

When we say high-risk pregnancy, it might be mother’s problem or problem to the child.  So, it is very important to differentiate whether the patient is undergoing any problems, and most of the times, the patients are asymptomatic that means the patient does not have any problems because of that medical condition and the job of the gynaecologist is to identify the problem in time and to give a proper treatment, so that the complications of the delivery can be reduced.

The medical problems could be because of mother or to the child.  For the mother, the common high risk problems are anaemia that means low haemoglobin or pregnancy-induced hypertension or high blood pressure.  Whenever the patient comes for routine checkup, it is important for the doctor to identify these problems early because right treatment at right time can decrease the complications during delivery.  The baby problems could be because of small baby, it might be a twin pregnancy, there might be a large baby, so these problems also needs proper treatment and delivery in a multispecialty hospital where the patient’s care can be taken properly.  It is advisable for every high-risk pregnancy to deliver in a tertiary care centre where the facilities for all the emergency operations and NICU or intensive care unit are available for the baby. These patients require special care.  At Currae Hospital, we have well-equipped operation theatre and a labour room and a fully functional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where such kind of patients can be managed properly.

– Dr. Mahesh Joshi (Gynecologist, Currae hospital, Thane) 

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