Hernia Causes, Treatment, & Prevention – Hernia Repair Surgery


Hernia is a very common disease; it affects 3% of the population. Any man has got a 27% lifetime risk of getting hernia. The hernias are of different types. The common 3 types are inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, and incisional hernia.


    • The inguinal hernia normally occurs in the groin either on the right side, left side or both sides; it is more common in man though it can also occur in woman.


    • The umbilical hernia is the hernia which occurs around the umbilicus. It’s a hernia which is common in females, but it can also happen in a man.


  • The incisional hernia usually follows the abdominal surgery and it happens on the scars of the abdomen.


Almost 20% of abdominal surgeries lead to hernia.

The hernia is a disease in which the patient may not have pain but if it is left alone, it can lead to complications and therefore all hernia need surgery. The common surgery for hernia is an open surgery or a laparoscopic surgery. The open surgery requires big cuts, there is a division of muscles and then there is a repair of hernia by the artificial prosthesis, we call it mesh. The same surgery now can be done laparoscopically through tiny holes and it will be more cosmetic, less painful, and it will have all the advantages.

Dr. Ramesh Punjani

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