GARBHASANSKAR is a holistic care given to the pregnant woman and unborn child.

Our Ayurveda had very profound concept of GARBHASANSKAR since ancient times.

Now this concept has been proven by western science also.

60 to 70 % of brain development of baby is completed when baby is still in womb.

All the factors that affect mother’s health like diet ,life style, presence or absence of exercise can have long term effects on development of baby.

This is called as FETAL PROGRAMMING OF ADULT BRAIN.This is considered as root cause of many non communicable diseases that are seen in adulthood like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension or Heart disease.

Parents spend loads and loads of money on child’s education but it is brain development in these nine months which decide EQ..(emotional quotient),SQ..(Spiritual quotient) and IQ (intelligent quotient) of the baby.

Preparation for pregnancy should ideally start 3 months prior to date of conception.

So Pregnancy should be by CHOICE and not by CHANCE..

There should be changes in diet with focus mainly on SATWIK AAHAR. Regular exercises for better hormonal balance.Total abstinence from alcohol and smoking.

After pregnancy is confirmed right kind of medication after consultation with doctor is equally important.

Holistic pregnancy care also needs active support & involvement of husband or would be father.

So husband’s participation in GARBHASANSKAR is of utmost importance.

Meditation and communion with baby are two integral parts of GARBHASANSKAR.

Meditation helps to control mood swings triggered by pregnancy hormones.

Communication mainly involves sound stimulation to baby for positive

development of EQ & SQ.

OMKAR chanting is important aspect of communication stimulating deep breathing in mother..

Yogasanas to be done during pregnancy should be practiced under expertsadvise.They help in reducing back ache,tone up pelvic muscles and thus help in facilitating normal delivery …

The whole idea of GARBHASANSKAR is making those nine months of pregnancy a very enjoyable journey to mother and helping to have a healthy baby with well developed EQ,SQ and IQ…

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