Five Infertility Gifts For Those In Need Of Self – Care


Five Infertility Gifts for Those in Need of Self – Care

So, recently one among your friends or family has confessed this to you that they are not able to conceive and face this struggle to not be able to get pregnant along with emotional and social breakouts.

They trust you and expect you to support them if they are telling you about this and you need to understand that this is a big issue for them. It takes a lot for a woman to share a problem with conceiving to anybody because it is considered to be a tabboo and most people are not so welcoming for it, rather they start judging and presuming things which can cause this. To help your loved one and support her if she shares this with you, becomes your concern to make sure that they are not facing any further problem related to it.

However, it is tricky to know how to actually support them? Here’s what you can do.

  1. Learn More About Infertility: If you are supporting one of your friends or family with the matter of infertility, you need to know all about it. One should know about the misconceptions related to infertility so that you also don’t end up informing about the misconceptions everyone suggests them. One should also know the reasons which possibly can be the underlying cause of it so that it is easy for you to support, relate and guide them wherever possible with the new possible medical help they can consider. Words of encouragement and a friend who listens to help to resolve half of the depressing thoughts about infertility. A friend who listens to you without judging and offering advice is one of the most soothing things you can offer in person. Make them aware of the new fertility treatments which are successful to many extents like InVitro Fertilization, Test Tube Baby etc. Suggest them to take experts advice and consult a doctor related to this.
  2. Know What to Say and What Not to Say: A fertility challenged friend of any family member needs emotional stability and that’s where you have to make sure that they are optimistic about it and boost them with positive information to motivate them and keep trying and taking chances and treatment to pass through it.Always be there for them, open for discussions and invest more time in listening to their emotional outbursts. Say words like “I understand”, “You just need to have faith and everything will get fine”.Never say any statements trying to minimize their pain they are experiencing like “It’s not that bad” or “At least it’s not as bad as cancer. Or saying things like “Don’t worry it will happen to you when you least expect it” or “Don’t worry, it just happens sometimes and you’ll be fine at the end.” Although you mean this for their good, these kind of responses rarely comfort them and tends to minimize the real challenges and fears they are trying to share with you. Let her know that you are there, no matter what and no matter how long it takes.
  3. Pampering: It’s so easy to forget yourself in midst of infertility issue. Help your loved one suffering from this to feel rejuvenated and fresh to face whatever comes their way. Who doesn’t enjoy being treated like a queen who gets served with privileges? Treat them with a day of self-care like salon or spa, award them with foodies and goodies to boost up their mood. Pamper them to distract them and make them feel good about themselves. Once they feel good about themselves and their environment, they feel a boost of confidence and energy to deal with the problem in a better and new way.
  4. Give them a Pet: Giving them a pet is a nice idea to help them divert in their low days because then, they have a pet to take care of, to get fond of and feel emotionally attached to. Having a pet is scientifically proven and stated to be a mood buster. A cat or a dog seems to be a nice happy pet to have.
  5. Plants or Flowers: It is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to someone with infertility problem as one tends to take care of it. Flowers are such a beautiful reminder and one do not even have to commit to it and plants are perfect because they just need a little work and they can blossom beautifully, even when you don’t manage to give enough attention to it.
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