Fertility: Becoming Aware


The reason we, Indians have an advantage over the more developed countries like Japan is our collective youth. We are a really young and hopeful country.  More than 50% Indians are below 25 years of age. But, we face the dilemma & confusion of youth, too.

It is no secret that we attach extreme importance to having a family. We do not consider any achievement worthwhile, if there are no children to enjoy it. Traditionally, parents collect wealth to pass on to children, not to talk about passing on family name and values.

Our ancient traditions of yoga, spirituality and swadhyaya (self-study) have been essentially related to maintaining physical and mental well-being. Not much has been discussed about taking care of fertility. Just like your heart and brain need your attention, so does your fertility. To do so, you need not wait till you are ‘settled’ and ready to start a family. Your capacity to reproduce is not unlimited and it does come with an expiry date, not to talk about the wear and tear along the way.

United States of America is observing National Fertility Awareness Week from 19-25th April. Did it leave me on a back foot? We have a huge community of young people, for whom having children is so important! Have we done enough as Fertility Physicians and Reproductive Endocrinologists to fulfil our duty to our own community?

There are various aspects of fertility awareness, which I do not think can be all imbibed in a limited period of say, a week. I will be sharing my thoughts on individual aspects of fertility awareness, and we can also discuss individual experiences. These thoughts have resulted from years of training, research & experience as a Reproductive Endocrinologists and Fertility Physician, but the perspective is that of a woman, a previous fertility seeker, and now of a new mother, who can be considered a companion in the journey to a happy family.

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