What is normal vaginal delivery?
In this case, a lady delivers a baby through normal birth canal that is vagina, and to facilitate the delivery a clean cut is given to the vagina (episiotomy ) which is sutured after delivery, this heals within next few weeks .

What is caeserean section?
Due to some antenatal complications in pregnancy, a lady delivers a baby through the abdomen and not vagina.

What are the complications in pregnancy?
There are many complications , I shall just list down a few of them which are commonly noticed

  • Foetal distress (baby has passed stools )
  • Leaking ( membranes have ruptured , first attempt is made to induce if favourable )
  • Heavy bleeding in third trimester
  • Growth retardation due to medical disorders like blood pressure and diabetes

These days, Why are the complications in pregnancy high?
It is true that we obstetricians are finding pregnancy with complications. A few of the reasons which are obviously are lifestyle related:

  • Age of a lady when she conceives is generally 30 and above.
  • Wrong eating habits, many skip meals or eat what is available without awareness.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, due to which a lady is unable to squat, there is no flexibility of the body, poor pain threshold, these does not permit normal delivery.
  • Obesity is a concern
  • Many patients travel in auto rickshaw, two wheeler, or long distance by rail ,air and road ways ,which causes lot of harm to the developing baby. These activities causes bleeding in the first trimester, which decreases the growth of the baby. This forces the patient to take complete bed rest at times.
  • Stress full life style due to various reasons.

We all know that even cooking a simple dish happily is so tasteful as against cooking with stress ,if such a simple task can be complicated then a baby who is to step on to the planet earth , how can we welcome with so much of stress, it is indeed a point worth considering.
Traditionally also our parents and grand parents would always say that expectant mothers need to be happy.

Why is the rate of Cesarean section high these days?
As discussed , because of the complications ,the cesarean rate has gone higher as the aim is safe motherhood and childhood.

What are the types of anesthesia’s given during delivery and what are the myths associated with it?
Normal delivery these days is conducted under epidural analgesia so that 90 percent is painless. Cesarean section is conduct mostly under spinal anesthesia unless until there is a valid reason for general anesthesia. Spinal anesthesia does not cause back ache as it is believed, infact there are lot of ladies who have never undergone any surgery in life still complaining of back ache, so it is worth evaluating the cause.

These days why are ladies finding difficult to feed their babies, what is lactational failure?
Breast feeding is a simple task, animals also feed without any training. Ladies from poor socio economic back ground do not have any problems in feeding. Breast feeding is a natural human instinct it does not require intelligence. However in the middle class and upper middle class we find ladies unable to feed. These days we conduct one session just to teach the correct breast feeding technique and we also have lactational guides to help mothers.

There are human breast milk banks also. These are banks with govt hospitals where mothers with excessive milk can donate which can be consumed by some babies who are unable to get breast feed.

How long should one breast feed and why?
Breast feeding is only till baby develops teeth, this is nature’s law. Once the baby starts chewing, start introducing semisolid and solid food. Exclusive breast feed till 4 months, then slowly introduce rice water, dal water and till one year of age, the baby should eat rice , rotis, dal and vegetables.
Generally after one year breast feeding is discouraged, as after this it is difficult to wean the baby .

What are the complications one has if feeding techniques are not followed correctly?

  • Sore nipples.
  • Painful Lumps in breast(abscess).
  • If latching is not done properly, baby will take more air than milk which will cause colicky abdominal pain in babies, and baby will ask for more frequent feeds.
  • If burping after feed is not adequate then baby will vomit the milk which can lead to milk aspiration into lungs which will choke the baby as baby will be unable to breath this can be life threatening at times.

What is physiological jaundice?
In all new born babies, the hemoglobin is higher at birth and in the first few days of birth the excess red blood cells break and this causes the bilirubin to increase which gives a yellow colour to the tissues of the baby. This is physiological as it is not a disease, however the bilirubin if higher will cause lethargy in baby ,the baby will not take proper feeds ,it can also be dangerous as it will harm the brain. Hence baby will be kept in NICU for blue light and proper observation

What is NICU ,when does a baby go to NICU?
Neonatal intensive care unit. Only babies who require some form of support in terms of oxygen, warmth and any other critical condition is usually kept here.

What should be the diet of a lady who has delivered?
A delivered lady can eat everything. I find in some states the lady is kept only on liquids and soups for reasons best known to them, A healthy hygienic, nutritious, easily digestible low in oil and spices diet is advisable.

Why is the tummy seen after delivery?
This is a very common question asked. After delivery the uterus takes at least 6 weeks to regain its original size and shape. After that the lax abdominal wall can be tonned up with appropriate postnatal exercise.
Cesarean section has no contribution to the shape of tummy.

When can one start exercise?
After normal delivery ,one can start exercises as soon as the lady is comfortable doing so. However after cesarean section, exercise is advised after 6 weeks.

How long does a patient bleed after delivery?
Generally bleeding is off and on up to 6 to 8 weeks

Why do a lady feel like crying all the time after delivery?
This is called postpartum blues or depression. Handling a new born baby is a task ,it is a team work. As there are sleepless nights for mother and also the postpartum hormones which makes a lady emotionally unstable. With nuclear families, this problem is increasing.
It is advisable to always get help from trusted relatives who can help you tide over with daily chores. Also get some guidance from treating doctor .

Friends these are just a few questions answered today, To know more about pregnancy ,exercise, yoga.
One can attend our dedicated prenatal classes conducted by my team in Currae Hospital

Dr Prasanna Menon
Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician

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