Dont Get Cataract Surgery Outside A Hospital, Warns Health Department


Don’t Get Cataract Surgery Outside A Hospital, Warns Health Department

Yes, the health department has warned patients not to get a surgery for cataract outside the hospital. It is not because only it is very risky and chances of after surgery complications are high but also you can get cheated in terms of the fees of the surgery. Plus you can get many benefits out of the operation done in a proper hospital from a certified doctor. For people who don’t know what is cataract which is very less, cataract is an eye disease which happens when the lens inside the eye has become cloudy. It causes vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses. Cataract generally occurs as we get older. It can also be caused by radiation effects, genetics, trauma, skin diseases, excessive smoking and drinking, deficiency of vitamin C, etc. though it is not proven but if you want to avoid getting cataract you should not smoke an wear glasses in sun to protect your eyes, because these are potential causes of the diseases.

Cataract symptoms include glare and reduction in vision which differs according to the type of cataract. It is diagnosed by visual acuity test. At first, cataract has no effect on your vision, it slowly starts showing symptoms. First, the vision is blurred a little, then light from the sun or a lamp starts to seem too bright or glaring. Colors start appearing less bright than they once did. Some early symptoms can be cured with wearing glasses and when it does not help, cataract surgery should be done. You can go for the cataract surgery when your cataracts have advanced enough to seriously harm your vision and affect your daily life. Earlier doctors used to wait until the cataract ripe in the eye to perform the operation but not anymore, now the surgery can be performed at any stage of the disease. In the operation, the surgeon will cut out the clouded lens and in most cases, the doctor will put a clear, plastic intraocular lens (IOL) in its place. Intraocular lenses are generally monofocal, which correct either distance or near vision. The recovery period after the cataract surgery is normally short. The patient is generally able to do work on his/her own on the day of surgery. It is considered to act cautiously and stay away from straining or heavy lifting for about a month. The eye is usually covered with bandages on the day of surgery and it is advised to use an eye shield at night for some days after surgery.

As this is clear from the process that cataract surgery is very complicated and it also includes eyes which are very sensitive area of the body, it is best to be done by a board certified eye surgeon and especially not outside the hospital. It also has many benefits apart from the less chance of complications after surgery. The main benefit of the cataract surgery is a better vision. After the surgery your blurred vision will be cured, you will have a better nighttime vision, colors will start to seem sharper and you will stop seeing halos and star-bursts when looking at bright lights.

Apart from these basic results and benefits from cataract surgery done in a good hospital, you will also experience many changes such as it will improve your quality of life. Because of the cataract, you were unable to perform everyday tasks such as reading or driving, as well as the things you used to do for fun. You start feeling dependent and socially detached. Cataract might even cause depression and anxiety. So obviously when the cataract is removed from your eyes, you will go back to the better quality of life as all of these effects will go away. You will be able to read, write, drive and everything you used to do. Basically, the overall quality of your life gets improved.

With improved quality of life, the chances of living longer increases for older people. Many studies prove this that the mortality risk decreases when you go through a cataract surgery. It makes sense as after the surgery your mental health along with physical health gets better as you become social again and it enhances overall life satisfaction and enjoyment.

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