What Are the Different Types of Eye Surgery


What Are the Different Types of Eye Surgery

Generally, when you happen to take a look into any operation then you might come across common names of heart, or leg surgeries and various other generic names. But then when you go into the region of the eye, then its whole new, different story as there are several different types of eye surgeries form which you can choose any one of them to be done to you provided you have that particular condition in the eye. Therefore, all of these surgeries are invasive and can either make or break your eyesight and cause it to either become greater or lose your vision completely. Hence concerning that context, let’s get on with the topic of different types of eye surgeries and how they might be helpful for any individual who might go to get it done. Let’s get started.

Types of Eye Surgeries

Depending upon the types of underlying condition that you might have in your eye, the designated doctor might recommend you few of the options that are there available for you. Out of those many options, few of them are given below. So, take a look.

  • LASIK – well the overall procedure of this form of eye surgery is to correct the corneal lens that redirects the light to pass to the retina for proper vision. It is beneficial for the people who happen to have farsightedness or shortsightedness. LASIK surgery in Mumbai has been a reputed name in recent times because of the higher success rates the city portraits.
  • PRK – well after LASIK, then comes PRK, where the differences between the two are very minimalistic. In LASIK you can see that the entire cornea might be replaced or altered to allow light to pass to the retina. But then in PRK. Only the surface of the cornea happens to be changed and nothing else. Few of the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai happens to do an excellent job of providing the best for the least amount of price.
  • LASEK – like the other two mentioned above, this one seems to resonate the same principle as the ones given above, but then in this form of surgery, you can witness that the cornea happens to be folded to get the overall vision to be right. There are several small changes made to the cornea to loosen up the epithelial cells of the cornea. Few of the best eye specialist in Mumbai give you the best results and recovery in just a matter of days.
  • ALK – ALK is a procedure very similar to PRK. But then in ALK, you can witness that there is a flap created where the damaged part of the cornea happens to be treated that gives the eye a slight chance of seeing better. Mainly because of which you can get rid of the damaged part and replace it with an artificial or donor pair or cornea. Several eye hospital in Mumbai for cataract operations happen to do an excellent job of repairing of the eye and giving back eyesight like never before.
  • RLE – well like we studied above where it was full of repairs and other forms of adjustments, in RLE, you can witness that there is the replacement of the edge of the cornea such that you get a far more better way of seeing things around you. It is replaced with an artificial piece of a lens that allows you to get your eyesight on track giving you the fighting chance of making things better around you.

Therefore, all of the above-given forms of surgeries make up for all the types of eye surgeries there are. There are a couple of others but then the above given are the ones that are reputed, and many people prefer. Hence try to dig deeper into what might be the one for you giving you the overall knowledge on which on to choose for. So, all the best and do the needful.

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