Contraception and Family Planning


As the word suggests contraception means avoiding conception i.e. pregnancy. Generally available options for a couple are barrier methods like condoms, oral pills, injections, intrauterine devices like a copper-T or multiload, intravaginal rings and lastly natural methods like following the safe period or withdrawal technique.

Mind you, each and every method amongst these has its own advantages and disadvantages. So whenever a couple seeks advice about an appropriate method we give them complete information about all the methods and then let them choose a method as per their choice and comfort.

A  follow up visit after a month is always scheduled to know about any difficulties they might have faced.

Sometimes there is a need for emergency contraception after an unprotected sexual activity. Appropriate drugs are to be taken within 72 hours from the unprotected sexual activity. However we would like to stress that these methods are known to fail and their regular and frequent use can lead to significant hormonal disturbances. The above mentioned methods are temporary methods for contraception.

When a couple has completed their desired family size, there are permanent methods of contraception available. For men it is vasectomy and for females it is tubectomy. In women generally it is done laparoscopically these days and patient can go home the very same day. It is done with 8 days of start of menstruation.

The next question comes whether these methods are reversible or not. Yes they are. However the chances of success after reversal are never 100%. Hence due diligence should be done before choosing these methods.

Now, when these methods of contraception fail or are never used and patient comes with an unwanted pregnancy, a thorough medical and obstetrical checkup is done and then appropriate medicines are prescribed or surgical methods are suggested. Legally MTP are permitted in India upto 20 weeks of pregnancy.

However after MTP, every couple is encouraged to adopt some contraception method to avoid repeated need for MTPs. So contraception is a field where continuous R&D is going on and newer methods with better safety profiles are introduced. To know more about these please feel free to contact us on our website or call us on the following mentioned details.

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