Colposcopy To Prevent Cervical Cancer


Colposcopy is medical diagnostic procedure to examine an illuminated and magnified view of the cervix (mouth of uterus) and vagina and vulva. It is done using colposcope which provides an enlarged view of the areas allowing colposcopist to visually distinguish normal from abnormal tissue. If there is abnormal tissue found ,one can take biopsy and confirm the diagnosis.

The main goal of colposcopy is to prevent cervical cancer by detecting precancerous lesion early and treating them before it spreads. Patient of cervical cancer shows symptoms only when it is in advanced stage. Advantage of colposcopy is we can diagnose cancerous cervix in a very early stage when the treatment is not removal of uterus and we can save uterus .Colposcopy is necessary in those women who are at high risk of developing cervical cancer like those who had early sexual exposure, women with multiple sexual partners, history of cancer of uterus etc.

If cervix is unhealthy pt will have white discharge through vagina All such cervices should screened by visual inspection of cervix and if necessary do colposcopy If colposcopy shows cancerous changes in cervix then immediately take part of affected part of cervix (Biopsy) and send sample to pathologist for examination Report will be available within seven days and one can confirm diagnosis.

There are total four stages cervix follow before developing into full blown cancer in cervix i.e. Atypia , CIN1, CIN2, CIN3 ,Invasive cancer Patient will develop symptoms only when it crosses CIN3 and invasive cancer The treatment at this time is TOTAL HYSTERECTOMY with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. First three stages are reversible and can diagnose early through colposcopy procedure.

Colposcopy is OPD procedure where colposcope is placed in front of patients cervix ( app 25 cm away) and magnified image of cervix is seen on TV screen Patient also able to see this. Diluted acetic acid is apply on the cervix for one minute and wait for one minute to see changes If cervix will show white patch wherever there is cancer cells Next step is to apply Lugol’s Iodine and these changes get doubly sure. This is how one can diagnose precancerous changes The report of colposcopy contains four detail images of cervix with or without changes One can diagnose weather cervix is having atypia, CIN1, 2, 3. Treatment is different depending on stage.

All women above 40 yrs should undergo colposcopy at least once in lifetime.

– Dr. Rekha Thote
Consultant – Gynecologist, Currae Hospital, Thane (View Profile)

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