How to Bounce Back After a Failed IVF Cycle


How to Bounce Back After a Failed IVF Cycle

In IVF cycle, the eggs are taken from the ovaries at the time of maturation and are fertilized with a sperm in the IVF lab to form embryos. And then this embryo is transferred in the uterus of the woman to start the pregnancy. There is no difference between embryos fertilized in an IVF laboratory or embryos fertilized in the body, once it is transferred to the uterus.

But sometimes the IVF cycles fail and the HCG comes negative. The cycle can fail even if the IVF cycle procedure was good, the transfer was excellent and the endometrium was great. IVF does not have a 100% conception rate. Failed IVF cycle is a heartbreaking news for the parent as they are emotionally attached.

The reason that the IVF cycle was failed can be anything, it can be you or it can be the clinic where the procedure was performed. Sometimes the reason for failed IVF cycle is medical incompetence. An Untrained embryologist can end up killing many eggs while doing ICSI. The IVF cycle is majorly affected if the clinic where the procedure was performed was poorly equipped or the doctor was not trained well. If this is the reason you should change the clinic for the next attempt. But, sometimes IVF cycles will fail even if the physician has done everything correctly and providing the best medical care.

The reason for the failure can also a biological problem like poor egg quality. Even if the clinic is very good, the possibilities of being able to create good quality embryos are very less in such patients.Therefore good and honest counseling from an experienced doctor is necessary before the cycle starts. After a good consultation, you would know the odd and will have a realistic expectation from the procedure. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors overpromise and quote highly exaggerated success rates in the consultation so the patient comes to them for treatment.

If you have gone through a failed IVF cycle, you can learn a lot from it. Create a framework to analyze it and improve the chances of success for the next attempt.

If you have doubts with the clinic or doctor, of course, change the clinic, but this can be a wrong choice as the reason can be anything so it should not be your reflex action just because you are unhappy that the cycle has failed. If you are comfortable and satisfied with your doctor and his ways of treatments, you should continue with him.

If you have studied something or researched regarding in-vitro fertilization (IVF) enough, you should know the chances of becoming successful in IVF are interlinked with different elements, like the character of the egg, the quality of the sperm, the good condition of the resultant embryos, and so on. So, you should know and understand that failure is a possibility. You should pay attention to your heart in case of opting for an IVF.

Give yourself the right time to weep or wail or cry. Get your emotions out of you. At the same time, understand the reasons and that it might go wrong.

Decide and schedule when can you go for your next appointment. After a failed IVF, you will get a next appointment scheduled, and you can understand in details about what may have gone wrong during the first procedure. You can also discuss what you and your physician can do to improve your possibilities of IVF success for the next time.

There are some points to focus on when going for you IVF cycle which includes, know what is your fertilization levels Precisely; Specifically, what ratio of the embryos looked healthy, etc.

For better results, you can assess any outstanding embryos that may increase your possibilities of IVF success the in the future or second time. You can also judge your embryos when you will be undergoing next egg retrieval or fertilization process.

Give yourself some quality time to think and understand the situation. Be emotionally stable. The fact is that almost all couple go through a minimum of 2 or even more – IVF procedure before it goes successful and they give birth to a healthy and beautiful child boy or girl.

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