Arthroscopy Surgery – Purpose, Procedure, Risks, Benefits


Arthroscopy Surgery that is Sports Medicine is a sub-branch of orthopedics, which deals with the injuries to the joints, ligaments, muscle pains, sprains especially in the younger population; and rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder in older age.

In arthroscopic surgery that is commonly known as a keyhole surgery, we enter the joint through a small prick on the skin with the help of scope, camera, and we visualize the interior of the joint on a larger screen outside. We carry out procedures like in knee joint, anterior cruciate ligament repair that is ACL repair, PCL repair that is posterior cruciate ligament repair, meniscal repairs; in shoulder joint, shoulder dislocation surgeries like Bankart surgery, rotator cuff surgeries, and the frozen shoulder surgeries. Other joints are hip and elbow and the ankle where we can do arthroscopic surgery.

If you ask me, what are the benefits or advantages of arthroscopic surgery – these are it’s a day care surgery, recovery is much faster, it has less post-operative pain and less medication requirement. Cosmetically, arthroscopic surgery has an upper hand over the open surgery.

Here, in Currae Hospital, we have world class infrastructure, operation theatre, and latest and advanced arthroscopy instruments.

– Dr. Shailendra Patil (Orthopedics Surgeon, Currae Hospital, Thane)

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