First Blessings, the Antenatal Classes – A Learning Program for New Parents


Dr. Prasanna Menon, Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, practicing in Thane for more than 18 years. We are extremely happy and proud to announce the project First Blessings, the Antenatal Classes, which conduct regularly in Currae Hospital on Sundays.

So friends, what is First Blessings all about? We all know that pregnant ladies are all very well educated, but when it comes to pregnancy, there are so many queries which they would like to get answered from their treating doctor. In our consulting rooms, we find due to time constraints, we are unable to answer these queries and patients are disappointed that they are not given the adequate knowledge about the pregnancy care. They start looking into Google, search for all possible information and in that bargain, they get stressed out and confused. So here at Currae Hospital, on Sundays, we conduct our antenatal classes. We have prepared special modules whereby we speak A to Z about pregnancy care; the foetal development stage wise is explained to our patient, the dos and don’ts in pregnancy as regards to travelling, the nutritious healthy diet, and the treatment and the investigations. Now, in our classes we also speak about the significance of Yoga, Meditation, and exercises in the 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, these exercises facilitate a normal delivery.

Usually, in the 1st week of pregnancy itself, the couple wants to know whether the lady would deliver normally or it would be a C-section. Friends, it is so difficult for a treating doctor to speak about this in the 1st week of pregnancy. The treatment of a patient depends upon the case history, the previous obstetric history, the losses, miscarriages, the pregnancy-related complications like hypertension, diabetes, the growth of the foetus inside the womb, so on and so forth. So there are so many things we would like to discuss with you and we are happy to discuss in our antenatal classes.

We also know about the hyperactive children in today’s society and these students require counselling in the schools. Now, the anxiety and the hyperactivity is transmitted from mother to the child in the womb, hence a pregnant lady should learn to relax and this comes through Yoga and Meditation. Here at Currae Hospital, we teach you the breathing techniques, the Yoga, the Meditation, they are all conducted by me and my team. More so, the correct parenting skills which are so important, this is explained to you by our paediatrician, Dr. Parul Shukla, who is also associated with me conducting the First Blessings.

There are so many complications in pregnancy as, we go through. For example, there is excessive bleeding after delivery at times, now this is called as postpartum haemorrhage, we will be discussing this topic in detail so that we get the maximum cooperation from the couple as well as from the relatives while treating such dreadful complications. So is what amniotic fluid embolism, sometimes after delivery we may find that patients are having severe difficulty in breathing. This needs an immediate attention from the treating doctors; it becomes very easy for us to treat if the patient and the relatives are aware of these complications.

Now, in the 4 Sundays, we also try to explain what is the best way to cook the nutritious diet. And the grandparents as well as the father and the mother, they are invited so that they can share their ideas also with us. We usually find that the grandparents are not well-equipped with the knowledge about the modern obstetrics, they do not know the relevance of sonography, they are usually worried whether it is safe during the pregnancy or not. Similarly, there are other investigations which we would like to talk about during our sessions and explain to our would-be mother and father in detail. So friends, give us a chance in our antenatal classes to explain all these details to all of you.

And we also know that our patients would like to interact with our past patients, so you get a chance to interact with our patients who have attended our First Blessings Antenatal Classes. They would share their experiences, the benefits that they gained from our classes and the rollercoaster ride that they had gone through during their pregnancy, thereby motivating each one of you during your pregnancy.

We would also like to speak about the modes of delivery like normal vaginal delivery, forceps, vacuum, Caesarean-the painless delivery because these days, lot of patients are scared to deliver normally because of the pain and I am here to help you to understand what is painless delivery, how is it given and how you would enjoy the course of delivery.

At First Blessings, our team ensures you a safe journey all throughout the pregnancy and beyond, to achieve a single mission, “being born blessed, a healthy baby and a healthy mother.” So friends, let’s get started on behalf of Currae Hospital and the Team, First Blessings. We welcome each one of you for the most awaited session of our antenatal class which is scheduled to be conducted in Currae Gynaec IVF Birthing Hospital on all Sundays, and for details contact our Currae Team on 9699304142

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