What is Acid Peptic Disease? Know Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis


Acid peptic disease involves acidity of the stomach and reflux of food and acid into the food pipe through the stomach. The symptoms of this disorder are bloating, fullness of stomach after meals, pain in the stomach, burning in the chest and sore throat, and water brash coming into the mouth.

The way to diagnose these things is by doing upper GI endoscopy, which will show whether you have lot of acid forming into the stomach, whether you have ulcers into the stomach, and you will also come to know whether the acid is refluxing back into the food pipe. There is also a test called esophageal manometry which will really tell you whether the valve between the food pipe and the stomach is loose and that is causing all the acid reflux and then you can treat it with antacids, proton pump inhibitors, and a small surgery. The surgery done to prevent the acid reflux is called laparoscopic fundoplication, where you create extra valve of the stomach and wrap it around the food pipe so that all the acid goes down and doesn’t reflux back into the food pipe.

– Dr. Sachin Wani (Laparoscopic GI Surgeon, Currae Hospital, Thane)

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