Know About Ovarian Cancer, The Silent Killer of Women


Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecological cancers because it is called as silent killer because the symptoms are very vague and most of the patients present in the Stage III or Stage IV. The symptoms are gastric trouble, acidity and bloating, abdominal distension, sometimes frequency of micturition, and vague lumpy feel, vague dull pain in the lower abdomen.

All the females are at risk of developing ovarian cancers, especially after 50 years of age. The women who have early menopause means menstruation starting before the age of 13 years, nulliparity means no children, and if first pregnancy after 30 years of age, they are all at risk factor. Patients who have been treated for infertility, when they take fertility agents without having baby, they are at risk of developing ovarian cancer. And apart from that, all the patients with breast cancer, all the patients with prolong hormonal therapy more than 10 years are at risk developing ovarian cancer. The symptoms as we know are very vague, so all these patients should be carefully examined and should investigate themselves for development of ovarian cancer.

So, the investigation advices are ultrasonography of abdomen and CA-125. So, all the patients of raised CA-125 are not ovarian cancer and the chance of having ovarian cancer is 1 in 150 only, but if ultrasonography also showing mass in the ovary and the CA-125 is raised then must follow to a Gynaecologist and Gynaec Oncosurgeon for ruling out ovarian cancer.

The treatment of ovarian cancer is mainly a surgical treatment and apart from that, chemotherapy is used as adjuvant treatment. So, even Stage III or Stage IV patient requires chemotherapy followed by surgery.

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