7 Tips that will protect your eyes in summers


7 Tips that will protect your eyes in summers

As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer we start planning on improving our health and then getting into a good shape. Rays. We become careful about our skin and apply some good amount of sunscreen to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays. But most of the time we forget to protect our eyes and this can slowly damage our eyes over time and put people at risk for conditions such as cataracts, muscular degeneration and thickening of the white parts of the eyes. So following are some of the tips that people must follow in order to maintain a good vision for many summers that is yet to come-

  1. Wear sunglasses with complete ultraviolet protection- The best way to protect our eyes from UVR exposure is to get a good quality sunglass that can provide 100 percent protection against both UVA and UVB rays. There are a wide variety of sunglasses that are available in the market, so people must choose their wearables very cautiously. Exposing the eyes to UVR may cause photokeratitis or photo conjunctivitis in the short-term.
  2. Use goggles at the pool- People who wish to go for swimming during the summer must protect their eyes from the pool water. The chlorine in the pool water is designed to protect people from germ exposure and it has the potential to hurt eyes. So the simplest solution to this procedure is wearing goggles to protect the eyes from the water in the pool. Well, people can also use these goggles while swimming in the ocean or any other natural water bodies as that can contaminate eyes and may hurt them. The effect of chlorine to the eyes may negatively impact the integrity of the corneal epithelium. This epithelium provides a layer of protection to the cornea that creates irritation in the eyes.
  3. Wash your hands properly and avoid rubbing your eyes- We know that the best way of protecting the body from any type of contamination is by washing your hands regularly and same goes for the eyes. There is no doubt that one the best practice that can keep people miles away from the contamination to the body and eyes as well. It is also important to wash hands thoroughly before applying any treatment to the eyes and also avoid rubbing eyes as much as possible.
  4. Wear hats- While you are wearing sunglasses you might think that your eyes are completely protected from sunlight, then wait. Wearing sunglass may not always offer complete UVR protection to the eyes and eyelids. Sunglasses have gaps along the sides which may expose the eyes to the UVR. So to minimize the risks adding a hat with a brim may reduce the exposure to the sun. Therefore, consistent use of sunglasses and hats significantly reduces the UVR exposure of the skin. Overexposing eyes to the sun may give rise to skin cancer that affects the eyelids especially the lower one or the corners of the eye.
  5. Protect against chemicals- People who deal with a number of chemicals in their daily work must protect their eyes while working since there are several opportunities to hurt your eyes in the non-occupational task as well. There are certain circumstances which may cause a chemical burn on your eyes and thus you can prevent chemical exposure by taking appropriate precautions. So wearing protective goggles or protective eyewear when working with any kind of toxic chemicals.
  6. Protect eyes from fireworks- Even professionals make mistakes but it is very important to protect eyes from fireworks to protect eyes from any major eye injury. Especially post-surgical patients need to be extra careful in general. So wearing special glasses is very important while working heavy works like this.
  7. Keep your eyes protected from outdoor activities- Whether it be sand in the eyes or chemical exposure or some other threat to the eyes. You should always focus on protecting the eyes from the harmful materials as much as possible. Even though most of the corneal injuries heal in a day or two but that can be painful. On the other hand, there are certain other chronic eye conditions like dry eyes, increase the risk of corneal abrasion which needs the best care for recovery.
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