Delivering world-class healthcare in India

Launched under the heritage of PATNI Group Currae Speciality hospitals has embarked upon a journey to become a significant player in the delivery of world-class healthcare services and is poised to deliver great results. Launching a format of speciality hospitals which offer expert medical care delivered in a boutique environment with precision. Each hospital Is uniquely positioned to cater to large communities in its chosen field of specialities with experts in Orthopaedic and Spine, General Surgery, Bariatric etc. by establishing a perfect rapport with existing patients and through residential communities to corporates.

Currae is established with the sole mission to deliver world-class, holistic and affordable healthcare and to build a dynamic institution that focuses on the development of people and new knowledge.

Over the years Currae has evolved a lot but the values it’s built on remain the same.

One roof. 4 hospitals.

Each floor is dedicated to a specialisation to ensure that they function as independent hospitals within a hospital and yet have the comfort of collaborating on complex cases. Patients are provided with multiple options for treatment, the most suitable of which are arrived at through a cross-function, cross-specialisation committee such as Tumor board that decides the best course of action

Where world-class healthcare meets world-class technology

We constantly endeavor to provide patients with the latest and most advanced treatment options using the latest technology for greater accuracy and reduced recovery time. Some of the machines we own are owned by a handful of hospitals in the world.

Get cared for by the world’s best

Currae is home to some of the most eminent doctors in the world, most of whom are not just highly decorated, but also pioneers in their respective arenas.

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