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Obesity is well recognized by the extra fat tissues a present in the body and increases the body weight. The obesity causes metabolic syndrome, it shows specific factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. This disease is mostly affected in urban landscapes ranging from 30-40% of the general population.

The ideal candidate is:

Whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than 38 (in Asians) and 40 (in Caucasians) should consider Bariatric surgery.

The option of the Bariatric process i.e. Gastric sleeve versus Gastric Bypass surgery will depend on following factors:

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Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker is one of the most experienced surgeons in the field of bariatric and metabolic surgery in India. With more than 14 years of experience she has the expertise to cater to this high risk population of patients suffering from clinically severe obesity both during and after bariatric surgery. She is one of the first surgeons in...

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According to the recent survey, approximately 30% of American adults over the age of 20 are suffering from obesity. But there is no standard cure for this disease. Over 90 percent of the obese people who attempt more conservative weight loss methods such as lifestyle change, behavioral modification, drugs, diets, exercise and so on. When the diet does not work and the weight remains the same, the patient gets frustrated and sense of self-worth. People suffering from morbid obesity are now opting for weight loss surgery.  Weight loss surgeries help the patient in different aspects as it also extends the lifespan. Bariatric surgeries are a serious process and have to be taken seriously.

Before pursuing the surgery he/she must check the following factors for being a potential candidate for weight loss surgery:

BMI of 40 or Higher

The Body Mass Index should be 40 or more. Technically, one must consider morbidly obese and then go for further process. For a person to be morbidly obese, men must have 100 pounds overweight, while for women it must be more than 80 pounds overweight. If a person has more than 80 pounds overweight then he/she is suffer9ing form serious obesity-related issues and recommended for surgery.

BMI of 35 or higher and an obesity-related health problem

Patients should have a minimum BMI of 35 for obesity-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension or sleep apnea. Types of bariatric surgeries are gastric bypass surgery and LAP-BAND surgery. It’s an effective and an appropriate method reduces the weight and the life risk diseases too. The health complications are also diminished with the help of these surgeries. If your score i.e. the BMI score is 35 or 40 then you are considered to be a potential candidate for surgery.

Other weight loss options have been exhausted

The last and the ultimate option which an obese person takes to get rid of overweight is the weight loss surgery and so it is called “last-ditch effort”. Mostly, bariatric surgery will only be considered for those patients who have dropped their moral to reduce their weight and got completely exhausted.

Attitude and Motivation

A patient who decides to undergo the bariatric surgery procedure and reduce the weight have to change their lifestyle and adapt various changes to their daily routine. These adaptations are necessary to make the surgery successful and worth it. The patient should have great self-confidence and high motivation to resolve the weight issues which will be following the extreme diet and lifestyle.

Age: The standard age in which men and women can lose their 50 percent of the weight is in the 2 year period of the surgery. To reduce the weight while undergoing a surgery is the bariatric surgery is the best one, for instance, gastric bypass and LAP band. This situation facilitates the younger ones and the older patients to ask their doctors whether they are the potential candidates for the surgery or not. The age group for 18-75 can undergo the bariatric surgery and the patients should be aware of the specific concerns.

Children: The overweighed children and the adults see bariatric surgery as an easy way out to fix the obesity issue. In the United States, the childhood obesity is increasing at an exponential rate. Moreover, the children under age of 18 do not undergo weight loss surgery and neither is it recommended by the doctors. However, the doctor recommends to make healthy meals and do exercise regularly to reduce the weight.

Teenagers: when the people are at their at teenage, physicians suggest to eat healthy as much as one can and take exercise ass their first priority to reduce the weight before undergoing any surgery. The surgery helps the teenagers to adopt the healthy lifestyle and maintain a perfect physique and get rid of many overweight health issues.

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An obese patient should choose a bariatric surgeon very wisely. All bariatric and gastric pass surgeons are not the same. One should undergo following key factors before choosing a bariatric surgeon and weight loss clinic:

Training and Experience: The bariatric surgeons must be certified and well experienced. One should check the doctor’s history and the practice in their zone. Also, check the doctor’s license from the medical board because this will help to choose an authentic doctor who can help to undergo a proper surgery.

Latest Techniques: One of the major factors is to be updated with the latest technique used by the bariatric surgeons who can offer gastric banding and gastric bypass techniques.

Success Rate: it is quite rare that bariatric surgeons have a successful record of positive results without encountering low results of complications. Choose an excellent surgeon who can minimize the rate of risk in the surgery.

Cost: Cost is not a general factor to decide an experienced surgery. If a bariatric surgeon is charging less than there could be chances that he is not much experienced and less in practice.

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