A Home away from home

A Home away from home
Patient Name : Bharat Sharma
Medical Condition :
Gender : Male
Age : 47 Years

Hi I am Bharat Sharma, I am 47 years old .CA by profession. I work for advertising agency. I have an infected appendix surgery at Currae Hospital. I  had some pain in my stomach . after two days I was hospitalized. Initially I was in Nipun Hospital thane. Where  Dr. Sachin recommended  me to move to Currae Hospital. I am content with the overall experience I had with doctor as well as other staff ,. The best thing about Currae is they don’t drive their conventions and protocols on relatives and friends which makes the environment more light and friendly. I am feeling better after my surgery and I have recommended   the same to one of my friend who has this same issue of appendix.

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