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  • Orthopaedic

    Several conditions can cause joint pain and disability whether temporary or permanent. Most damage is caused either by arthritis or fracture to the articular cartilage, due to physical activities.

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  • IVF

    Currae woman specialist hospital supports women healthcare throughout their lifelong journey from puberty to childbearing age to menopause and beyond.

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  • Gastroenterology

    Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine focused on studying with the digestive disorders.

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  • General Surgery

    The general surgery usually requires a wide range of knowledge and skills to surgeons to perform surgery, often in emergency situations.

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  • Birthing

    Birthing is a unique experience unlike any other experience not only for a woman but also their close ones.

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  • Gynaecology

    The feeling of motherhood is really special feeling for a woman as well as the family. Motherhood, as it may seem is not easy especially with complication occurring at later stages.

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  • Oncology

    Oncology deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The term oncology is the combination of two words.

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  • Bariatric

    Bariatric surgery enters the scene then, commonly said as weight loss surgery is one in every ten individuals of the Bariatric surgery is often outlined as a surgery.

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  • Eye Care

    Eye surgery techniques have improved year after year. They are also called as ocular surgery. This type of surgeries is performed on the adnexa or on the eye by an ophthalmologist.

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is a procedure, undertaken to repair damages done to skin and tissue that have been caused due to congenital diseases or injuries.

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